Barnhart Calls on Wegmans to Provide Paid Leave and Work-From-Home

County Legislator Rachel Barnhart sent the following to the Wegman Family.

March 19, 2020

Dear Wegman Family,

I am writing on behalf of constituents who are Wegmans employees currently worried about their health, safety and well-being.

As the COVID-19 crisis deepens, corporations around the U.S. are revising their policies pertaining to paid leave and remote work. I would like to see Wegmans join their ranks.

Please consider continuing to provide regular pay to workers who need to stay home because they are vulnerable senior citizens, health-compromised individuals or parents with childcare needs.

I also urge you to make sure no one is working at corporate offices who can perform their duties remotely. In addition, mixing work-from-home and working in stores, which some employees are doing, defeats the purpose of isolating people to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

As the area’s third-largest employer, you have a responsibility to protect your workers and the public. As a company that had sales of $9.7 billion last year, you can afford to accommodate your workers’ needs during this crisis and make sure they keep their regular paychecks.

Thank you for your commitment to making sure we can buy food and medicine during this chaotic and trying time. I know you and the Wegmans staff are working extremely hard to go the extra mile for the public. I hope Wegmans will go the extra mile for its valued employees.


Rachel Barnhart