Thank You

Statement from Legislator Rachel Barnhart following primary win on June 22, 2021:

It’s a great honor to serve the 21st District. I’m so proud to have the strong support of voters in yesterday’s primary election. Thank you to everyone who displayed a lawn sign, donated, and voted. I am excited to continue working for us.

This primary election sent a strong message that integrity and ethics in government matters. Voters rejected a City Hall mired in scandal. They rejected toxic machine politics that led to the cynical Republican-led supermajority in the County Legislature. They said enough is enough. 

As our new mayor, Malik Evans will face daunting challenges related to poverty and violence. I am excited to work with Evans, County Executive Adam Bello, and a newly united Democratic Caucus on our community’s problems.

I am filled with hope and gratitude. Thank you again for your trust.