“Rachel set up a meeting with small businesses and County Executive Bello to discuss grants to get us through the pandemic. The funds were a lifeline. She brings people together.” – Kristen

“I lost my son in a hit and run crash. I’m grateful Rachel is advocating for safer streets for bicyclists and pedestrians. We need that so other families don’t have to experience tragedy.” – Freddie

“When I faced a tough time, Rachel helped me find the resources to stay in my house. She went above and beyond to help. She saved my home!” – Lynn

“I saved thousands of dollars because of Rachel. She got those food delivery apps to stop charging outrageous fees to small restaurants like mine. It was a huge help.” – Corinna

“Rachel’s core principals are fairness and equality. She champions for those who are most at risk to be abridged their civil rights, access to health care, housing and the services that keep communities connected. Her voracious appetite for accountability and good outcomes makes her an incredible advocate for all in our city and our county.” – Christopher