Barnhart Urges Dinolfo Not to Sign Harassment Bill

The following is a statement from Rachel Barnhart:

Last week, the Monroe County Legislature passed a bill that would not survive legal scrutiny – or a test of common sense.

The bill would make it a crime to “annoy” first responders. We have existing laws protecting law enforcement officers. A vague ordinance like this could easily be abused.

The Democratic minority voted against the measure. Two of my colleagues are former first responders and spoke out against the bill. I wrote a letter to the county executive asking her not to sign the legislation.The next big item on our agenda is going through the county budget. That process will play out over the next two weeks.
After the CABLE Act fiasco last week, there is renewed attention on the county legislature and how it operates. Last night, fellow legislators Vince Felder and Howard Maffucci joined me in hosting a forum about our work. I have a feeling it’s the first of many to come.