Legislation to Create Monroe County Committee on Housing Introduced

Monroe County Legislature Vice-President Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons and Legislator Rachel Barnhart introduced legislation today to create the Monroe County Committee on Housing. The committee will make recommendations ahead of the introduction of the 2025 budget proposal.

“Not a day goes by that a constituent doesn’t contact me who is facing eviction or doesn’t have a security deposit for an apartment,” said Vice-President Vazquez-Simmons. “What we are doing now isn’t working.”

“What can we do with local dollars to impact the housing crisis? Yes, the state and federal government are falling short on this issue. But we cannot wait to act,” said Legislator Barnhart.

The Monroe County Committee on Housing shall advise the Legislature on measures to reduce homelessness and increase housing affordability. The task force will include, but not be limited to, proposing ways to aid unhoused individuals and families, preventing evictions and constructing additional housing units. 

“Quality and affordable housing is vital to safe and thriving communities,” said Vice-President Vazquez-Simmons. “By working together and getting buy-in from all stakeholders, we hope to come up with concrete solutions for our community.”

“I promise you the work of this committee won’t sit on a shelf gathering dust. We will hold ourselves accountable for delivering real proposals that are both compassionate and make financial sense,” said Legislator Barnhart.

The Legislature will vote on creating the committee next month.