Legislator Barnhart Hosts Housing Forum

Every single day,  Legislator Rachel Barnhart hears from neighbors with complex problems relating to evictions, dangerous living conditions and the inability to find affordable apartments.

That’s why she hosted a forum last night with City Councilmember Kim Smith about Monroe County’s crisis in housing.

Here are some takeaways:

  • We need more resources for affordable and quality units – from housing vouchers to construction funds. This is a problem nationwide and in Monroe County.
  • We need more low-barrier shelters and services for unhoused people in crisis. Monroe County administrators indicated that providers will be able to respond to a request for proposals next month to provide this service.
  • We need a housing court that regularly orders repairs to units that are not habitable. 

Legislator Barnhart also learned about the Tenant Defense Project. If you need assistance, please call 585-504-6195.