"I'm impressed with Rachel's commitment to ethical government, to transparency, to accountability and I think we need people like her in office!"

Seroquel best buy Jane Finn
Van Bergh Ave.

"I'm voting for Rachel because she's for the community."

try this out Freddie Jones
Bedford St.

"Rachel doesn't accept things as is. She tries to solve problems."

Patricia Flanigan
Rosewood Terrace

"I will be voting for Rachel because she's a real person who cares about our community."

Harold Brodie
Allandale Ave.

"No one has spoken out against corporate greed like Rachel. She cares."

Mercedes Phelan
Parsells Ave.


"I called Rachel with a situation I had. Rachel went far and beyond to help me out. Rachel is caring."

Darrell Williams
Rocket St.

"Rachel rocks."

Dennis Hale
Drexmore Rd.

"We need women, strong women. Rachel knows this city and she lives here. She knows what Monroe County needs."

Cynthia Kinard
Parkside Ave.

"Rachel has a passion for this city and its people that is unparalleled. I can think of no one better to represent us."

James Simons
Laurelton Rd.

"Rachel is smart and she works hard. I support her."

Steve Kasprzak
Minnesota St.

"Rachel is from the city and invested in the city. She's there for the people."

Bridget Overton
Breck St.

"Rachel wants clean politics and no corruption. She's serious."

Wayne George
Fieldwood Dr.

"Rachel cares. She honestly cares. We are blessed when we are visited by someone who cares so much."

Karen and Kalvin Eng
Pershing Dr.

"We love Rachel's dedication and hard work on the important causes that affect us all."

Dominick & Cathy Lucisano
Middlesex Rd.

"We love seeing Rachel at our doors. In talking to her, it's so obvious she cares about the people in the neighborhood."

Amy Sorce-Smith & Michelle Berry
Edgeland St.

"I still have the card Rachel sent me a couple years ago thanking me for saying a prayer for her. She cares."

Zelma Jones
Longview Terrace

"I am voting for Rachel because I admire her tenacity."

Daniel Johnson
Willmont St.

"Rachel is so committed. We need her in the legislature."

Gloria Yacoub
Floverton St.

"The reason I've been such a big supporter of Rachel's is her push for greater transparency at all levels of government."

Greg Maine
Melville St.

"I love Rachel's passion for bringing forth the truth. I love her energy and she stands up for what is right."


Cheryl Wearen
Packard St.

"Rachel is meticulous and sincere. Those are values that mean something in a democracy."

Christopher Hennelly
Bedford St.

Dear Neighbor,

I’m running to be your Monroe County Legislator for the 21st District because our community faces challenges related to poverty, good jobs, education, transportation and structural racism. The Republican-led county government is in fiscal crisis and unable to serve families in need. We deserve ethical and accountable government dedicated to solving problems.

For the past 20 years as a journalist, I’ve given a voice to the voiceless and held the powerful accountable. I’m a graduate of John Marshall High School and Cornell University. By the end of the year, I’ll have earned an Executive Master Degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

I will prioritize the following issues:

  • Expand access to early childhood intervention and child care services.
  • Provide more oversight of county finances and enact a digital open records system.
  • End tax breaks for luxury housing developments.
  • Stop chargebacks for Monroe Community College that unfairly burden city residents.
  • Explore using the county’s fiber network to bridge the digital divide and support businesses.
  • Examine how to better support arts organizations.

We must elect Democrats committed to working as a team to fix what’s broken and rebuild trust.

I promise to run a positive, substantive campaign focused on issues important to the 21st Legislative District.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the direction of Monroe County. I hope to visit you in the coming weeks, but please don’t hesitate to reach out by phone, text or email. I will work hard to earn your support.