A Hardworking and Effective Democrat

Monroe County Legislator Rachel Barnhart is a lifelong Democrat who was elected in 2019 and reelected in 2021 to a second term. She serves on the Ways and Means and Agenda Charter committees, as well as the Monroe County Planning Board.

Monroe County has made great strides in good government under Democratic leadership. Rachel is proud of her contributions the last several years:

  • Obtained funding for small businesses struggling during the pandemic.
  • Spearheaded a task force to tackle the digital divide and broadband solutions.
  • Passed legislation strengthening protections for cyclists and relaunched a safe-driving campaign.
  • Stopped food delivery apps like GrubHub from listing restaurants without permission, as well as capping predatory fees during Covid shutdowns.
  • Planned a Covid-19 vaccine “festival” with incentives, which served as a model for other cities.
  • Secured free phone calls at the Monroe County Jail, without cost to taxpayers and at a savings for families of incarcerated individuals.
  • Introduced legislation strengthening the Code of Ethics, prohibiting sexual harassment and banning officials from using county resources for politics.

Rachel cares for her constituents and is committed to our community.

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What Does a County Legislator Do?

Twenty-nine Monroe County legislators make the laws and policies governing the 748,000 people in the county. Legislators are also responsible for approving the county budget. Monroe County performs critical functions in areas including human services, criminal justice, public safety, transportation, economic development and parks. County legislators are citizen-representatives who work in various professions.

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Text or call 585-210-3246.